Delivering on a Promise!

When the Barker Family sold the land for Barker Park to North Ogden City a promise was made that we would make a beautiful park for all to enjoy. Now is our time to deliver on that promise!

What is the plan for Barker Park?

100% of donations go to creating the Park

All donations are tax deductible!

Now Beginning Phase 2!

We are excited to begin the process on working on Phase 2 of Barker Park! Please join us for a service project at Barker Park to help make this community resource come to fruition.

Come Help Us!

When: Saturday June 18th 9 - 11 a.m.

Where: Barker Park Amphitheater

What to bring: Shovels, rakes, work gloves, chain saw (if you have one)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fundraising goal to complete Barker Park?

Current estimates to complete all xxx acres of Barker Park will be approximately $$$

Is North Ogden City budgeting any money for the park?

North Ogden City has budgeted money towards the park, but at the current rate it will take decades to complete the park. We are working to make this a citizens initiative that will become a lasting legacy to our community.

How big will the park be when it is finished?

Barker Park will set at about xxx acres, providing many beautiful opportunities for our local citizens to gather with family, friends, and each other to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this amazing area.

What about plans to maintain the park?

North Ogden City will provide all maintenance to the park through city tax monies.

Will there be more ball fields?

The purpose of Barker Park is not to create more ball fields. This will have the feel of a park more along the lines of Central Park in New York City. It will be a beautiful open space to come and enjoy nature and the beauty of our community.

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All donations are tax deductible!